Packing Books Properly So They Stay In Great Shape

Posted on: 22 December 2015


If you are moving to a new home and you have several books that you intend on placing in storage, keeping them from unnecessary damage is important. Many people will just throw books into a box and place into a storage unit, possibly causing bindings to break as a result. Taking the time to package books properly is key in keeping them from deterioration. Here are some tips to use when placing books into storage.

Clean Books Beforehand

Before you place your books into storage, clean each one to remove any debris from the pages and binding. When dirt is present on a book, it may have tiny insects hiding within the debris. This could cause an infestation inside your storage unit. Use a soft-bristled vacuum cleaner attachment brush to remove any dirt from the edges of the pages. Wipe down dust jackets with a piece damp microfiber cloth and allow to dry thoroughly before packaging.

Use The Right Container

Plastic storage containers are great for keeping moisture away from items, however, for books they are not the best choice. Books fare better when they are in the open air. Putting books in an airtight container can actually increase the chance of mold. If a book is placed into an airtight container with a speck of moisture present upon it, the book will become damaged as the water will be sealed inside, causing mold to occur. Rather than taking this risk, it is best to use archival containers to house books. These are cardboard enclosures made with acid-free material. 

If you are storing books for a short duration, new cardboard boxes are sufficient for storage. Make sure they are not too large so you can move the books around without injuring yourself due to excessive weight. When placing books into a container, place the heavier ones toward the center of the box. Store them vertically with the spine facing the bottom of the box.

Consider Using A Bookcase

Putting a bookcase in your storage unit is helpful in keeping books in the best condition. When using a bookcase, opt for one made of metal. Wooden shelves can transmit acid upon the books, making them deteriorate. Put books on the shelf vertically. Start at one end of the shelf with the tallest book and work your way down in size toward the other end of the shelf. This will help the books from bending partway through their binding as they will have a similarly sized book on either side to help keep their structure intact. 

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