Spring Cleanup Chores To Increase Curb Appeal At Your Property

Posted on: 23 December 2015


Whether you are getting a property ready to sell on the summer real estate market or just looking to spruce up a place to make it more alluring for new rental tenants, spring cleanup is necessary to shake off the drabness of winter. The following external property checklist can help you make sure every outdoor task is covered so your property has optimum curb appeal for potential buyers or tenants.

#1: Clean Up Trees and Shrubs

Any cleaning chore is best started from the top down, and on most properties the tallest objects are the landscape trees. Trees and shrubs will need dead and damaged branches pruned out, and some may also need basic pruning to help them maintain an orderly and ornamental shape. The dead branches and trimmings must also be hauled away. You can perform these chores yourself or bring in a maintenance crew with tree trimming experience to complete the job.

#2: Inspect and Clear the Roof

The next thing down is the roof. Begin by clearing any winter debris out of the gutters. Next, pour water down the gutters to make sure there are no leaks and that the gutters are still attached properly. You can seal leaks with silicone caulk. Once the gutters are checked, give the roof a quick inspection. You will need to schedule a repair if you notice any missing or damaged shingles, or if the metal flashing around vents and chimneys looks damaged.

#3: Check Windows and Siding

Windows and siding are next down on the list. Clean the window glass inside and out. If there is condensation built up between the panes on double pane windows, you will either need to replace the windows or have them repaired. Outside, verify that wood siding has no cracks or peeling paint, and repaint if needed. The same goes for the wood window sills. Inspect vinyl and metal siding for cracks and dents that require a repair. Finally, scrub down the exterior of the home with a deck brush and water, or have it professionally pressure washed.

#4: Maintain Borders and Beds

The garden beds in the lawn are an important part of the home's curb appeal. Make sure they are free of weeds and debris, like last autumn's fallen leaves. Add a fresh layer of wood chip mulch to garden beds to help freshen them up. Plant some new annual flowers for a burst of instant color. If your property doesn't have garden beds against the walls of the home, you will still need to clean up any debris and trim the grass so it isn't overgrown and scraggly where it meets the house.

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