Top Reasons To Move To A Mobile Home

Posted on: 23 December 2015


Are you considering moving out of your current home? Are you in need of a new place to live? If you've been looking at house and apartment rentals in your area, you've been missing out if you have neglected to also research mobile home rentals in your area. Here are some reasons why a mobile home might be a better option than many houses or apartments: 

Privacy: While a house will give you adequate privacy, many apartments will not. Not only do you have neighbors that share your walls, you may also have neighbors that share your ceiling or floor. If the walls are especially thin, you and your neighbors will be able to tell what the other person is watching on TV. If you hate rap or country music, but one of your neighbors decides to listen to it at a reasonable volume, you may be forced to endure listening to your hated genre for hours at a time. With mobile home rentals, there is space between each unit. While you may still hear the TV or radio if they're turned up high or if your neighbor leaves a door or window open, it's much less likely. This also means that you can listen to or watch what you want without everyone around you knowing what you're doing.

Affordability: For the benefits that are offered, houses can often be relatively expensive. Although having a bit of a yard is nice, you may not think that it's worth more than an apartment. Since mobile homes are often much cheaper to build than comparable houses, the rental rates for them can be significantly lower than a house would be. Depending on where you live, they may even be less than a similar apartment.

Ownership: Are you tired of being told that you can't paint the walls a certain color or that you mustn't hang pictures up? When discussing mobile home rentals, you may actually be referring to owning the mobile home itself. Depending on your location, the entire price of a used mobile home may be much less than the down payment for the purchase of a house and sometimes it is even less than an apartment rental deposit. Once the mobile home is in your name, you'll then pay a monthly rental fee to the lot where it's located. This fee allows you to keep your mobile home on the lot, including access to hookups for things like water, sewer and electricity. Depending on the lot, some of these utilities may be included in your monthly rental fee. Contact a local outlet, such as David McDonald Rentals, for further assistance.