Increasing The Feeling Of Space In A Studio Apartment

Posted on: 26 December 2015


Many people rent studio apartments as they are a bit cheaper due to a smaller floor plan. When you have limited space, decorating it appropriately can help make it appear larger than it is in actuality. If you are in the process of looking for a studio apartment to rent, you may want to consider some of the following options to help create the illusion of additional space once you have moved in.

Purchase Multi-Use Pieces

If you are moving into a studio apartment, you have the benefit of being able to bring in less furniture because there is only one large room to fill. This is great for those who are just starting out with renting as they will not need to buy a bundle of items. Consider pieces that have dual-usage. This will help save precious space for other uses. Purchase an ottoman with a removable lid for storage. Buy a bed with drawers in the box spring section so you do not need to buy a separate dresser. A coffee table that has bookshelves in the base will come in handy for placing knickknacks, picture frames, and of course, books.

Section Off Sleeping Quarters

If you are self-conscious about being out in the open when sleeping, you can always section off an area for your bed. This can be done with the use of a metal ceiling track so you can open the curtain when you wish to expand the space in your home after you wake. These are easy to install and do not alter the apartment structurally, violating a rental agreement. You could also place hooks and hang a curtain that can be removed later as an alternative. Leaving up a curtain however can actually make the home feel bigger as those visiting will not know what is behind it, making the mind believe the space of the studio apartment is bigger than it really is.

Illuminate And Reflect

Use lighting and mirrors to enhance the feeling of space inside your studio apartment. Light-colored walls will reflect sunlight, making a room feel larger. Doubling this with ample mirror usage in the space will make the open area feel even more airy.

Trick The Mind With Wall Decor

Use the walls to make the brain think the area is larger. Place curtain rods a foot or so higher than they would normally be placed over a window. This will draw the eyes toward the ceiling, expanding the feeling of space. Use plenty of shelves on walls to hold treasured items. Stagger the shelves so the eyes will need to look at several different areas, making the space feel bigger as a result.