Info Home Buyers Should Never Share With Home Sellers

Posted on: 28 December 2015


When you're looking to buy a home, you may be quite excited to look around and see the different homes that are available in your neighborhood of choice. When you're ready to go to open houses and make appointments with sellers and realtors to look at homes, you may be concerned about proper etiquette and protocol. That's all fine, but you need to also be concerned with not revealing too much information when you meet the seller. Doing so can result in negative consequences and reduce your odds of ending up with your dream home. Never reveal the following information to the seller or the seller's real estate agent.

How Much You Love the House

Home sellers strive to make their houses feel like your next home when you visit. The staging of the home is likely to be well-planned and orchestrated. The seller is trying to sell a lifestyle to you, not just a home. You want to put on your poker face when you go to look at a home. Put it on before you even arrive at the property and don't take it off until you leave. If you are home searching with a partner or other loved one, make a pact to not discuss your feelings about the home until you are away from the property. If a seller knows that you love the home, that gives them the upper hand.

The Details of Your Financial Situation

While your own real estate agent and real estate lawyer will need to know about your financial situation, a seller doesn't need to know the details of your financial situation. Whether you are struggling to pay the bills each month or have a hefty savings, these are not something you should discuss with a seller at any time. If a seller asks nosy questions about money, simply change the subject or be straightforward about the fact that you don't want to discuss such things at this time.

Time Limitations

If you need a home within the month, you want to inform your own real estate agent of this fact right away. However, do not ever let this information slip to the home sellers or their realtor. If you do so, they may try to get you to pay more for the home because they know you are in a bind and may have to resort to such measures. The good news for you is that most sellers want to sell their home as soon as possible, so you may be able to meet your time requirements without reveling your time crunch to the seller.

Finally, when you are ready to find new homes for sale, keep in mind that the sellers and their real estate agent want to make you happy. You can be friendly and let them know what you want without sharing this extra bit of information with them. Once you have signed the paperwork, you can then become friends if you'd like, but keep things strictly business until then, and it's likely to be a win-win situation for everyone.