Moving Into An Apartment Complex? 5 Ways To Ensure A Positive Experience

Posted on: 28 December 2015


Living in an apartment for the first time can be overwhelming if you are used to living in a private home. Not only will you need to adjust to having neighbors right next door, you may also need some time to get used to living in a place with smaller square footage.

Luckily, the following tips can all help make this transition as easy as possible so that you can begin enjoying apartment living.

Adjust Your Wake-Up Routine If Needed

An alarm clock may be something that you are used to using, but it can often lead to arguments with your neighbors if it goes off early every morning. It is not uncommon for apartments to be very close to their neighbors and for the walls to be relatively thin, making it a smart idea to adjust your sleeping cycle and looking into other alternatives for waking up without making a lot of noise.

Some good ideas to consider include a vibrating smart watch or something as simple as opening the curtains to allow in natural light that can help you rise in the morning.

Prioritize Skinny and Narrow Furniture

Since most apartments do not have a lot of square footage, you will need to go with skinny and narrow furniture to fit into the apartment and to avoid making the space look smaller than it is. It might be easy to get free or cheap furniture by buying used, but you really need to be careful as their furniture is often quite large and may not fit in your apartment.

Invest in Curtains to Maximize Privacy

While blinds can definitely provide some privacy, you should get curtains to maximize privacy. Whether you get flowing white curtains or blackout curtains is up to you, but just be sure that you get your privacy as the apartment windows are often located in places where tenants walking by can see you with ease.

Get a Door Mat for Both Outside and Inside

Having a doormat both inside and outside is ideal for preventing your shoes from mucking up your carpet. Any stains that you can't remove may mean money being taken out of your deposit when moving out, making a door mat essential near any entryways.

Setup Your TV Away from the Outside Walls

In an apartment, you will be next to one, two, or more tenants, so you need to make sure that you install or set up your TV away from the outside walls. When you do this, you can listen to your TV later than if you were to put it up against the wall as your neighbors would likely hear it at nighttime.

Making some changes to your lifestyle and furnishing the apartment with the details above in mind can make a big difference in how happy you are with the move and your friendliness with the neighbors. For more information, talk to a company like O'Neil Property Management.