4 Amenities To Ask For Instead Of Negotiating For Lower Rent

Posted on: 30 December 2015


While it is possible to negotiate a lower rent with your landlord before you move in or when you are renewing your lease, many U.S. rental markets are saturated, making it unlikely that your landlord will bend on their asking price. After all, if they can easily find qualified renters to rent to who are willing to pay the amount that they are asking, they have little reason to lower their asking price for you. However, there are still some ways that you can lower your monthly bills while getting the apartment you want. One way is to negotiate for free or reduced amenities with your landlord. 

Parking Space 

If your unit comes with one parking space but you have two vehicles, you may be able to negotiate for a second free space before you move in or as a perk for renewing your lease. This is easier if you live in an area where parking is not severely limited. If you cannot get your second space free or you do not need a second space, you may be able to negotiate for premium positioning of your space, directly in front of the entrance you use. 

Water and Sewage 

It is easier to negotiate for the landlord to pay water and sewage before you move in than when you are renewing your lease. However, it never hurts to ask if they are willing to take over these monthly expenses in return for your continued tenancy.  

Storage Space

If you are moving into a smaller apartment, then you will likely have plenty of belongings to store. You should see if your apartment building offers any kind of storage, and if they can offer you a discount or free storage. Having your belongings nearby as opposed to across town in self-storage can make your life more convenient and your apartment neater. 

Waive the Pet Fee

If you have a pet, you may expect to pay a monthly pet fee. However, some landlords are willing to waive this fee in exchange for a slightly higher deposit or for responsible renters that they have already formed a relationship with. 

While you may not have the bargaining power to ask for lower rent, asking for amenities in exchange for an extended lease or pre-payment of your monthly rent is a good way to keep your monthly costs down, especially if you are renewing your lease. For more infoirmation, contact your landlord or management {like those at Bonita Terrace Apartments}