3 Ways To Safely Get Bees Away From Your Home

Posted on: 5 January 2016


Bees are an integral part of the ecosystem. They do their part to pollinate flowers and provide us with some delicious tasting honey. However, you don't want them making their home out on your back patio where the kids are playing. If you recently noticed a beehive and are looking for ways to get rid of it safely, there are a few things you can try to get the job done.

Use water and vinegar.

Get a spray bottle, vinegar and some water to use this remedy. Just mix the water and the vinegar in equal parts. Go out at night and spray their nest when they aren't active. Make sure you wear protective clothing just in case. Better to be safe. Spray the solution around other areas where you have seen them congregating as well. Check for any activity the next day. If you see bees still buzzing around, repeat the process again. Discard any dead bees accordingly.

Bring on the pop.

Take an older bottle of pop. Cut it in half and fill it halfway full with a sweet soda. Put it out near their nest. The bees will end up going to the bottle to check it out and ultimately end up drowning in the drink. Bees simply cannot resist the smell of sugar, so putting it out there will draw them in. Before you know it, they will all have perished and you can safely remove the nest. You will have to scoop the dead bees out of the soda every night so more continue to go to it.

Call in a professional.

You don't want to kill the bees unless you absolutely have to. They play an integral role in the world. Your best bet is to call in a local pest control expert who can come out and take care of them quickly and easily. These professionals know the proper way to safely remove them without having to harm the bees in the process. Instead of attempting to handle the situation on your own, you can leave it to one of the professionals.

By using one of the three methods above, you can get rid of the bees and restore your home to its original state. You won't have to worry about the kids playing out back any longer. Don't let your safety be put on the line for the sake of the bees. Get someone who can handle the situation for you quickly.

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