The Proper Way To Remove A Stain From Carpeting

Posted on: 6 January 2016


If you have carpeting within your home, you most likely enjoy its insulating property in addition to the comfort it provides to those who walk upon it. Caring for your carpet is necessary to keep it in the best possible shape so you do not need to replace it more often than you would like. When someone spills something upon a carpet, you will want to take steps in removing the material immediately to avoid staining. Here are some instructions to follow when tending to a potential stain in an attempt to salvage your carpeting from excessive damage.

Remove Solid Matter

If the staining agent has solid pieces such as with vomit, fecal matter, or food items, you will need to remove these first so you can tend to the liquid portion of the matter. Chunks should be removed with a gloved hand or with a piece of cloth, like a paper towel. Grasp the matter with your fingertips and palm it into the glove or cloth so it does not fall back onto the carpeting. 

Administer The Right Movement

After the solid pieces are removed, blot the liquid part on the carpeting. Do this starting at the exterior edges of the stain and work your way toward the middle. Put a clean piece of cloth on the stain and press down for several seconds. Remove the cloth and repeat in another portion of the stain. If you collect an abundance of liquid while blotting, switch the cloth for a new one so you do not reapply liquid already removed.

Never rub the stain. This will push the matter further into the fibers, possibly damaging the cloth in the process. It may cause the stain to remain as well.

Using Deeper Cleaning

If the stain is made from a water-soluble material, like ice cream, soda, dirt, or gravy, a cleaner made from equal parts vinegar and water will help remove any discoloration. Place the solution in a spray bottle, spray the stain, and blot with a clean piece of cloth. A few applications may be needed. 

Stains made from wine, tea, coffee, vomit, or blood should be removed with an ammonia solution instead. Use equal parts ammonia and hot water, spray the stain, place a clean towel on top of it, and use an iron to lift and transfer it to the clean cloth with ease. You may need a few pieces of cloth to complete the job.

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