How Luxury Apartments Can Actually Save You Money

Posted on: 12 January 2016


When it comes to choosing a lower income apartment over a luxury apartment, the answer may be obvious if you are trying to save money. However, luxury apartments may save you more money than you think. Here's why:

  • Covered Parking or Garages: Luxury apartments are much more likely to provide covered parking or garages. This is helpful to prevent outside weather conditions from causing damage to your vehicle. You can avoid having to file a claim with your auto insurance company or pay for repairs out of pocket because you do not have comprehensive coverage. 
  • Fitness Center: Most luxury apartments will have a fitness center available to their residents, which is something that many lower income apartments don't have. This saves you from paying for a gym membership. On top of this, many luxury apartments also have a basketball or tennis court and a swimming pool, which allows for additional fun ways to get some exercise in without having to have a membership. 
  • Grills and Picnic Benches: Most luxury apartments will also have grills on site along with picnic benches and large grassy areas for leisurely time with family. This can allow you to have space to have friends and family over for get-togethers without the worry of having to rent space out to host an event. You can have birthday parties and even utilize the common area that is typically attached to the leasing office. These rooms often have pool tables, seating areas, and even a kitchen for you to use when you reserve the space. 
  • Alarm Systems: Many luxury apartments will have your apartment unit secured with an alarm system--if not, then at least your apartment building will be. This keeps you save without having to invest in an alarm system on your own, which can save you hundreds. If you don't have an alarm system attached to your unit specifically, you can ask your luxury apartment if they would compensate you to install a wireless one, which many will do for you. 
  • Washer and Dryers: Many lower income apartments have washers and dryers on site, which residents would need to put quarters in to use. When you live in a luxury apartment, you most often have a washer and dryer in your unit, which means that you don't have to worry about spending three or four dollars every time you want to do laundry. 

If you add up all of these savings that amenities in luxury apartments provide, there is a much higher chance that it can actually save you enough money to be worth moving into. So don't take luxury apartments off your search completely until you know what exactly they can provide for you over other lower income apartments in the area.