Get A New Job In A New City? Why You Need A Townhome

Posted on: 11 May 2016


If you are taking a job in a new area and you aren't ready to buy a home, but you want more than a small apartment, there are a few different reasons you want to talk with a leasing agent about getting a townhome. There are many benefits to choosing a townhome over an apartment, or a one story condo. Explain to the agent that you need the following.

You Want Space

There are many townhome options that offer more square footage than a regular apartment, because you have multiple levels. If you are looking to have your bedroom on a different floor than the main living area, and more than one room for people to stay or to entertain, the townhome will be a better fit for you than a traditional apartment. Some models have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms.

You Need Privacy  

Do you work odd hours throughout the day and night, or do you want a rental unit that won't potentially have people below you or above you? The townhome offers a lot of property because units aren't usually stacked on top of one another, and they should have their own private entrance. If your bedroom is on the top floor of the town home, or if the garage is under the unit, someone isn't going to easily see you through a ground window.

Garage and Storage

Look for townhomes that have attached garages. This provides you with a lot of storage, and you can know your vehicle will be safe at night. If the garage is attached to the neighbor's garage, and that is the only way the buildings are connected, it's almost like you have your own property. The garage is also ideal for getting in and out of your car safely at night or in the complex.

The townhome may cost more money to lease each month or you may have to sign a longer lease than with something that is smaller, or something that is in a unit with tons of other apartments, but it's going to be worth the cost if you are looking for safety, privacy and space in your rental property. After you move to the area you may be able to get a roommate to help with the costs, or the large spacious property will be nice if you decide to have a significant other or friend move in with you. Contact a rental company, like Infinity Properties or a similar location, for more info.