Four Common Obstacles To Avoid When Selling Your Home

Posted on: 15 July 2016


Homes for sale in a competitive market need to be up to par with other houses in the area, but should also bring something unique to the table. While renovations and upgrades are important, putting some energy into the actual selling process can entice potential buyers as well. As a seller, here are four common obstacles you should try to avoid during the selling process.

1. Research Home Pricing

If you bought your home a few years back at a high asking price, this might not be a realistic ask in the current market. Pricing that isn't comparable with other houses for sale in your neighborhood not only can scare away buyers, but can make the closing process hard if appraisals come in low. While you might get lucky with a higher cash offer, price your home fairly at first to make sure you'll reach as wide audience.

2. Don't Alienate the Buyer

If you are having an open house, it is important to let realtors step in and do their job at this point. Sometimes interactions directly with a seller can alienate buyers and can make it hard for them to see a house as anything but your home. It is a good idea to stay away from open houses and be out of your home when potential buyers have viewing appointments.

3. Depersonalize Your Space

While your home might have a new kitchen or hardwood flooring, if it is obvious you are still living in your home, potential buyers can be turned off by this. Remove clutter and personal items from your home to make this look more spacious. Don't forget to take down family photo from walls, pack up unique artwork, and hide traces of your pets. If this might be a bigger job than you expected, rent a storage unit for your items while selling.

4. Be Flexible During Closing

The sale of your home might come with some contingencies from the buyer along their offer. Buyers might want to close quickly and ask for the home to be vacant rather quickly. Buyers might also find additional issues with your home such as a plumbing or pest problems they would like fixed ahead of time or offer to share the incurred costs with the seller. If contingencies on the table are workable, it is a good idea to be a flexible as possible in order to keep the sale.

Potential buyers want to be able to see themselves in homes for sale and feel comfortable throughout their buying process. Making your house an appealing prospect while selling will make buyers already feel at home and more likely to put in an offer you can work with.