Busy Lifestyle? Look For These Features When House Shopping

Posted on: 28 July 2016


When you're looking for the perfect house to call a home, there are so many factors to consider. But beyond finding the right number of bedrooms, a good neighborhood, and a pretty backyard, you need to keep your lifestyle in mind. When you're a very busy person who always has a million things on your to-do list, there are a few home features that will help simplify and streamline your life.

A big entryway.

When you're constantly running in and out of the house, you won't want to trek across the house to a closet each time you need to grab your coat or shoes. If a home has a big entryway, you can keep everything you need right there and have enough space to keep it organized, too.

Office space.

You might think you can handle things like paying bills and catching up on work at the dining room table, but when you're busy, trying to maintain a space for multiple uses is just going to lead to messes. Ensure any home you buy has a space you can use specifically as an office so that the rest of your home doesn't get messy when you reach a busy night of work.

Hard floors.

Carpets are tough to keep clean. You need to vacuum them often and have them shampooed once a year or so -- and if you skip this because you're busy, permanent damage may be done to the carpet as the grime works deeper into the fibers. With hard floors, however, you can let the dust and dirt accumulate when you get really busy, and as soon as you get around to cleaning it up, the floors will look as good as new.

A separate shower space.

If you live alone this feature may not be necessary, but if you're a part of a busy family, it's almost essential. Make sure the shower is separate from the rest of the bathroom space so that you can get into the bathroom and prepare for your workday while someone else is in the shower.

Low-maintenance landscaping.

When visiting a house you're considering purchasing, ask a lot of questions about the landscaping. Is there a sprinkler system so you don't have to spend time watering each day? Do the bushes require frequent pruning, or are they varieties that can be pruned once a year and otherwise forgotten about? Steer clear of homes with high-maintenance yards. In fact, a smaller yard in general is a good idea unless you have a specific use for the extra space.

By choosing a home with features that simplify your busy lifestyle, you can ensure your home is a place you enjoy -- not one that feels like a burden.

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