3 Ways Your DIY Staging May Be Keeping Your Home From Selling

Posted on: 4 January 2017


If you have been staging your own home and aren't seeing many results in the offers department, it may be a result of your DIY staging. It may be time to call in a professional or at least understand where you have been going wrong with your home staging. Here are three ways your staging may be keeping your home from selling:

1. Old, Faded Furniture

When it comes to staging, it is important that you arrange your furniture so that it makes your home appear in the best possible light. In many cases, all you need to do is rearrange your current furniture a bit so that the flow of the room is improved. However, if your furniture is outdated, faded or beat-up, then your rearranging isn't going to do much good.

While it isn't necessary to go out and spend money on brand new furniture, it is important that you do something to improve the look of your existing furniture. For example, slipcovers can be purchased for a nominal price and will cover up any mishaps with your furniture. Alternatively, if you have the money to spare, you can look online or at local thrift stores for used furniture that is in good shape. Another option is to rent furniture until the home is sold.

2. Rooms Filled with Clutter

You may love that your home is cluttered with this and that, but rest assured that prospective buyers are not going to enjoy a mess here and there throughout the home. Not only is this distracting, but it is off-putting as well. Whether the clutter is something clean like toys or something dirty like laundry, it is important that the clutter is removed before the home is shown. In fact, it is a good idea to try to pick up around the home every single day. If you do this, it will only take around 15 minutes or so to pick up any clutter that has accumulated throughout the day. This will do wonders at keeping your home cleaner and clutter-free.

3. Offensive Themes

When staging your home, it is important to remember that not everyone will have the same taste as you. Keep in mind that when potential buyers step foot into your home they are trying to visualize themselves living there. If there are distasteful themes in the home (at least to them), this will be very difficult for them to do. Try not to go overboard with scenes that are lifestyle-specific, as this can be seen as offensive to some. If you're selling a cabin in the country, you would probably want to avoid showing off a taxidermy collection. Instead, just focus on neutral, clean environments that can appeal to just about everyone.

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