Selling Your Home Fast: Four Things to Check Before You Put Your Property on the Market

Posted on: 17 January 2017


Do you need to sell your home fast? If you need to sell property quickly, the first thing you need to do is make sure that you're prepared. A little preparation and research can go a long way towards making sure that the property sale goes smoothly.

1. Check for Any Liens Against Your Property

Believe it or not, there could be liens against your property that you don't know about. If you owe anyone debt, they can put liens against your property. If you owe a contractor debt, they will often put a contractor's lien against your home. If you have a lien, you won't be able to sell your property until that lien has been cleared off. Sometimes you can agree to pay the lien when the house sale goes through; this is usually the most affordable and easiest method. On the other hand, if you don't believe you owe the debt, you will need to contact a lawyer quickly to get the debt resolved.

2. Make Sure You Have Your Permits

One of the issues that frequently stalls a home sale is the discovery that the home doesn't have the permits it needs. If you've made any significant structural changes to your property, you'll have to make sure the changes are appropriately permitted. This can be done after the fact, provided that the property was altered up to the required standards.

3. Get an Updated Appraisal

If your home hasn't been appraised within the past couple of years, now is the best time to do this. An updated appraisal will tell you how much your home is going for now so you have a starting point for negotiations. Home markets can change very quickly; even if your home hasn't been altered, your neighborhood could have become more desirable. You can often sell your property fast while still making a profit by marketing it just below its value.

4. Ask for Your Payoff Amount

Don't assume that the balance of your mortgage is all you need to pay. You need to contact your bank to ask for a full payoff amount for your loan. There could be additional charges, especially if you just got your mortgage a few years ago. Your payoff amount may also include interest, escrow accounts, or other amounts that will need to be paid. 

There are companies such as TW Homes that specialize in offering cash for homes. These quick-purchase companies will be able to give you some direction regarding the preparations that you need to make; just make sure you get as many offers as you can on your property before you commit to a sale.