3 Big Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying A Mobile Home

Posted on: 28 February 2017


Are you tired of having a landlord who won't even let you hang pictures on the walls? Have you been trying to save up to buy your own house but haven't been able to save enough? Overlooked by many people, there is actually a third option that you may want to consider. Buying a mobile home can be a great way to get into home ownership. There are a number of reasons why you might want to consider purchasing a mobile home. Some of the best reasons are:

Low purchase price

You can usually get more for your dollar when you purchase mobile homes than when you purchase a regular single-family house. In a neighborhood where decent single-family homes can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, you should be able to find mobile homes for sale at a fraction of that price. Instead of having to settle for a relatively small one-bedroom house, you may be able to purchase a more spacious mobile home with two or three bedrooms for less money. The less money you spend now, the more that you'll have for a single-family house later -- if you even still want to make that purchase.

Sturdy construction

Some of the old mobile homes were less than ideal for living in. Sometimes, they felt like little more than trailers or buses with a house stuffed inside. Modern mobile homes for sale are different. High-quality materials are used and the floor plans are carefully laid out. As a result, for much of the time, you may not even remember that you're in a mobile home. If you choose to purchase a double-wide mobile home, you may even be able to choose a very modern open floor plan for your new home.


When you live in an apartment, it's very difficult to have total privacy. Either you are always hearing what the neighbors are doing or the neighbors can hear you. If you move to a condo, the situation may not be any different. A single-family house is obviously quite private, but you may not be able to afford that right now. Fortunately, you can find mobile homes for sale in a wide variety of locations. If you're looking for a small lot with little upkeep necessary, you can do that. If you want a larger lot with more privacy, that's also a possibility. As with other dwelling types, there's a mobile home to suit just about anyone's tastes.