Three Reasons You Should Always Use A Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Home

Posted on: 9 August 2019


If you are getting ready to sell your house, you may be thinking about bypassing the process of using a real estate agent. And why not? You will be saving a good deal on the sales commission. You may have sold a previous home and used an agent, and although the commission was a low percentage of the sale price, the total amount paid to the agent seemed high. You are not the first person to have the idea of selling your own home, but it is a bad idea. The following are only a few reasons you need to hire an agent.

They understand your local market

Not only do they understand the demand for houses in your local area, but also the specific neighborhood you are living in. You may think that your home is worth the same as the one that sold recently in your neighborhood, but a real estate agent may know all of the comparables. Your house may sell for more or less based upon other factors such as appliances, or perhaps the other house had an additional room that you were not aware of. Two houses on the same block can sell for significantly different prices, even when they have the same number of rooms and the same original square footage.

They are salespeople

This cannot be overstated. An agent isn't just someone that shows your home to potential buyers, they are also selling to those buyers. In many situations, you may lose a sale because you didn't understand how to address the hesitancy of a potential buyer. An agent will do a much better job than you could possibly do. They will be able to elicit the reasons why a prospective buyer may not want to buy your home. From here, the agent can speak with you, and as a go-between, he or she can then work with both parties. It is entirely possible that a deal can be reached. And this is not only an issue of price but any number of things that may relate to the house regardless of the listed price.

They have a network to access

This is especially true with agents that work for a company that has more than one office. As a local seller, your options for advertising your house are limited. A real estate agent will have contacts outside of your immediate city. This includes other states. The buyer for your house may be moving from another city, but you are not likely to find this person outside of using an agent.

These are only a few things to consider when deciding on the value of using a professional to sell your home. There are many others, including the best price to start your listing at.