Paying Cash For A Home? How Real Estate Agents Can Still Help You

Posted on: 21 April 2021


When you plan on buying a home with cash, you might think you don't need much help from real estate agent services as you would if you were financing. This isn't actually the case, and buying real estate can be made easier when you have an impressive cash offer, but this doesn't mean real estate agents aren't necessary at all. When you pay cash for a home, real estate agents come in quite handy for you. Here's how.

They can help you negotiate with the seller

Just because you have the cash to pay for a home doesn't mean you'll automatically be the offer a seller will accept. Or, it doesn't mean that you won't have any competition to worry about, even if the offers aren't as high as yours. Real estate agents work with clients to come up with the best offers they can so both the buyer and the seller are comfortable.

Real estate agents can help you determine if you need to worry about getting a home inspection done and can help you negotiate seller disclosures to your advantage while still appeasing the seller, so when you do approach them with your cash offer, you can be the one the seller might choose. Without real estate agents to assist you, your cash offers may not be taken as seriously by anxious sellers.

They can help you with all the paperwork

Even a cash sale on a home requires paperwork to be filled out and filed appropriately. If you've ever bought a home before, you know that there are title searches and property tax histories to check out and home inspections and appraisals — if desired — to perform. There are many things that have to be completed before a home can be purchased, even if the property isn't going to be financed. You can do all this paperwork on your own, but it might take some time and can even cause you to delay the sale of the home you want to buy, so consider working with real estate agents so your home purchase can occur as seamlessly as possible.

If you have cash on hand to pay for a home, expect the process to still be made much easier with the help of real estate agents. These specialists want you to get into a great home you'll love, and will help you every step of the way, even if you don't have any lender you need help working with in the process.