Why 24 Hour Maintenance Is Important To Have At Your Condominium

Posted on: 22 February 2022


Part of your condominium fees likely go towards covering maintenance issues. Some places will include 24-hour emergency maintenance options as well. This is important to have, as some problems that occur will need to be taken care of immediately. 

Consider these five types of problems that would need to be addressed as soon as possible. 

1. Plumbing

Plumbing issues are a common reason that people call a 24-hour maintenance line. If you have a toilet that's backing up, your water isn't working, you're dealing with leaky pipes, or your shower or sink is broken, you'll be glad that your condo offers 24-hour maintenance. 

Aside from the damage that can be caused by these problems, there are sanitation risks involved as well that can make it impossible for you to stay in your condo. Additionally, not having access to a functioning water source can make it impossible for you to get ready for work or school. The faster you can get a plumber in there to perform repairs, the better.

2. Electric

Electric issues at your condo can result in power outages and potential safety risks. If you have an electricity-related problem, you must be able to contact maintenance right away to get an electrician in there to address the situation. Even if there's no risk of fire, power outages can make living at your condo impossible.

3. Heating or cooling system

If your heating system stops working in the winter, or your cooling system stops working in the summer, staying in your condo will be uncomfortable, or even dangerous. It's important that you can immediately get a professional sent out to take care of the problem, so you can properly regulate the temperature in your condo.

4. Weather damage

If your condo sustains damage from a storm, you'll want to have the option of calling maintenance for assistance, regardless of when it happens. Storm damage could include broken windows, damage to your roof, or general structural damage. These problems can leave the inside of your condo exposed to the outside elements, and therefore they need to be addressed immediately.

5. Security-related problems

Security problems are another reason that it's important to have 24-hour maintenance options at your condo. Whether it's a broken security gate, vandalism issues, or damage from someone breaking in, you'll want to secure your property as soon as possible. Obviously, if your safety is at risk, you'll first want to contact the police before worrying about getting maintenance there to fix the damage.

For more information about condominium 24-hour maintenance, contact a company in your area.