3 Things To Understand About Second Chance Apartments

Posted on: 27 April 2022


A second chance apartment is different than a regular apartment, or a section 8 apartment. A second-chance apartment is one where the apartment is aimed at people whose finances or other circumstances prevent them from getting a traditional apartment. With this type of apartment, your credit and background will be checked, but bad credit or background issues should not automatically disqualify you. 

What You Need to Qualify

With a second chance apartment, you still have to provide information in order to get the apartment. A few common pieces of information you will be asked for include: 

  • Proof of income

  • Proof of employment

  • Proof of credit history

  • Documentation that past debt has been satisfied

  • Paperwork concerning background check concerns. 

You are going to want to provide proof of income and employment. If you have bad credit, and you have worked to improve your credit, show proof that you have taken action to pay down your credit. Be prepared to show evidence that you deserve a second chance. You want to show the landlord that you are worth taking a second chance on and offering a lease to, even though you don't fit the normal perfect rental apartment criteria. 

What Can Keep You From Getting a Second-Chance Apartment

There are some things that could keep you from getting a second chance apartment. They are not for everyone. 

Be truthful with your information when you apply. Hiding information, or providing false information, can get you disqualified from the process. 

A criminal record isn't enough to get you disqualified. However, it depends on what the charges are that you faced. Certain felony charges may hinder your application. The key is to be truthful and honest. 

Who is a Good Second Chance Renter

Second chance apartments are for individuals who don't have the perfect background that a rental agency or landlord would normally want in a tenant. It is for individuals who have made mistakes, and are trying to walk the right path going forward. 

  • Negative credit marks 

  • Lack of credit

  • Past bankruptcy

  • Evictions

  • Broke a lease without good cause

  • Didn't pay rent on-time

  • Negative background

Your rental and credit history can follow you around, making it difficult to secure an apartment if you have made mistakes in your past. The truth is that everyone makes mistakes from time to time, which is why second chance apartments exist. They are for individuals who have made mistakes, and are trying to move forward, make the right choices, and need a place to live.