What To Expect When Working With A Listing Agent

Posted on: 19 April 2023


A real estate listing agent helps a property owner sell their home. They prepare pricing criteria, set up a home for viewing, interview potential buyers, and handle the sales process. Learn what to expect once you hire a listing agent to represent your property. 

The Pricing Criteria

Your listing agent will tour your home and property. Afterward, they will use demographics and current sales trends to prepare a competitive asking price for your home and property. Your listing agent will come up with an asking price that is fair to you, plus that will be likely to attract plenty of serious home buyers. 

The Advertising

A lot of work goes into preparing a home for potential buyers. Advertising will consist of taking photographs of your home and preparing a listing ad. A professional photographer may be hired to perform the photo shoot of your home.

The pictures that are taken will appear on advertisements that the public will have access to. The photos may be printed on paper advertisements and on your listing agent's webpage. 

The Viewing

Your listing agent will prepare your home for public and private viewings. A favorable viewing of your home could be what prompts a potential buyer to bid on your property. Your listing agent will advise you on what items to remove from your home. They will set up some staged areas in your home.

Staged areas are areas that will provide potential buyers with insight into your home's potential. Modern furnishings, lighting, and decor may be used for the staging process.

The Interviews

If anyone would like to learn more about your home, after conducting a tour, your listing agent will meet with them. They will interview each potential home buyer. The questions that they ask during an interview will help your listing agent determine how serious a potential buyer is about investing in your property.

The Sales Process

After a potential buyer has made an offer on your property, your listing agent will consult with you. If you are pleased with the amount that was offered, your listing agent will set up an appointment for the buyer to fill out the paperwork.

Your listing agent will also meet with you when it is time for you to sign the papers. The closing and all of the other finalization steps that are associated with the sale of your property will be handled by your listing agent at this time.

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